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by Caroline Presland

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February 2012 "The cake was gorgeous Mia was so excited when she saw it. Was also the best ever chocolate cake i was totally addicted!! Xxx" Lucy, Knebworth
January 2012 " The cake was perfect, exactly what I wanted and many people said it was the best fruit cake they had ever eaten!" Sonya, Knebworth
November 2011 "Thank you so much for the Dr Who cake. Charlotte was overjoyed" Hayley Teddington,London
August 2011 "Evie has been asking for this cake since she was 2 (now 6) She absolutely LOVED it." Lisa, Stevenage
August 2011 "Thank you so much Caroline for Darceys Zingzilla cake. Even I was shocked at the wow look (for a 1 yr old) she had on her face when she saw it. The attention to detail was amazing.
Great comments from all our guests. The cake was delicious - tasted as good as it looked." Michelle, Welwyn Garden City
August 2011 "Thank you Mummy!! I absolutely love it!!" Beatrice, Age 6
July 2011 "Thankyou for the amazing cake - it was even better than I expected it to be...definately the best you've ever made!" Sarah, Sevenoaks
July 2011 "The most fantastic chocolate cake, it looked and tasted like silk!" Louise, Oaklands
July 2011 "The chocolate cake was incredible, and the girls thought the dressing up box was amazing!" Phillipa, Woolmer Green
July 2011 "I just wanted to say a proper thank you for our fabulous Ruby Wedding Cake.  The flowers were just like my original bouquet!" Barbara, Reading 
June 2011 " I just wanted to say a proper thank you for all of the hard work that you put into making the cake for the PsLA birthday celebration. It was absolutely beautiful – just such a shame to have to cut it." Sue, Manager of Barleyfields Children's Centre
June 2011 " Just wanted to say thanks to you, the cake was delicious and a few mums took your cards away with them."

May 2011 "Thank you so much for Harry’s lovely cake Caroline. His reaction was ‘Wow!’ and then he promptly ate Peppa’s head! We will enjoy eating it all weekend (beautiful and tasty!)."  Anna, Knebworth
April 2011 "I want to thank you for the cake. It became the centre piece of our wedding celebration, drawing gasps of amazement from all who saw it." Linda, Knebworth
March 2011 "The cake is even better than I expected! Many thanks." Kaye, Knebworth
March 2011 "Thankyou so much - you are really very talented!" Sarah, Hatfield
March 2011 "Thankyou so much for the cake...amazing! Looking forward to seeing it on FACEBOOK soon!" Sarah, Welwyn Garden City
Feb 2011 "The Christening cakes were absolutely beautiful - thankyou!" Ruth, Knebworth
Jan 2011 "You are a very gifted lady Caroline - the cake created a wave of ooo's and ahhh's quite rightly and the bride wasn't keen on cutting it! It was beautiful on the outside and the inside - absolutely perfect sponge (choc yum yum) too. I know I have said it 100x but thank you thank you xx" Sarah, Woolmer Green
Dec 2010 "Thanks so much for the fabulous Christmas cake - I've been so excited about it and it's perfect!" Lorraine, Oaklands
Dec 2010 "You should have seen my daughter's face - she absolutely loved the cake (and my husband was pretty impressed too!)" Sarah, Knebworth
Nov 2010 "The Gruffalo was amazing - I had so many compliments!!" Kathryn, Oaklands
Oct 2010 "Cake is so delicious! :) Saved a tiny bit for actual birthday tomorrow. Thankyou - it was perfect in every way" Kerry, Woolmer Green
Oct 2010 "Thankyou so much for making my daughters birthday cake. She absolutely loved it, and it tasted delicious aswell" Lisa, Datchworth
Oct 2010 "Thankyou so much for making my 40th birthday cake. The netball girls thought it was amazing and I'm sure it will be well remembered!" Katy, Dunmow
Sept 2010 "Thankyou for my fab cake. My husband is no mean cake maker himself, and was VERY impressed. Needless to say it was all finished yesterday!" Wendy, London